Best CIAM Solutions

Is the security of your company's digital property important to you? Implement the best CIAM solutions to provide safe user access to company data.

Ever since the Internet rose to popularity its security has been an ongoing concern. Over the years, technologies have changed, and hackers have adapted to those changes. There has also been a massive expansion of the types of data stored online. Today, it is common for people to share all sorts of information online. That information can range from names and addresses to personal banking data. The Internet is also routinely used for commerce today. Companies sell products and services online to various customers. When doing so, those companies must have ways to protect and organize customer information.

If you own a company, creating a safe way for customers to visit your website is essential. For onboarding and retention purposes, it is also important to keep your customers happy. That means you need to make the login and shopping experiences as simple as possible. The answer is to implement CIAM solutions to protect customer data. Here is what you need to know about implementing CIAM solutions within your company.

What is CIAM?

The acronym “CIAM” stands for “Customer Identity and Access Management.” The purpose of CIAM solutions is to apply modern technology to the user login and shopping experiences. Doing so simplifies that experience while keeping it safe. The implementation of CIAM solutions can take many forms. One popular option is companies can use it to link user experiences across several devices. That prevents the need for customers to independently login on multiple devices. When customers can access information faster and with fewer hassles, they are more likely to keep returning in the future.

Advanced CIAM solutions also incorporate many other features. Fraud prevention features help customers and companies feel more secure. Privacy protection for customers is also a major aspect of successful CIAM solutions. Additionally, some CIAM solutions offer extra technologically advanced features. For example, they may use artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to assess individual customer experiences and improve future experience for those customers. Other common features of CIAM include:

  • Scalability, Even for Companies with Millions of Customers, Such as Amazon

  • Single Sign-On Capability for Multi-App Access, Such as Those Used by Google Cloud

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Such as the Implementation of Text and PIN Verification

  • Reduced Customer Data Duplication and Centralized Data Compilation for Companies

Who Should Use CIAM Solutions?

The use of CIAM is potentially beneficial to all companies in a variety of ways. For example, it helps keep user data organized. Analyzing that data can allow companies to find patterns in previous customer behaviors. Those patterns may dictate future customer behaviors. Companies can use that data to adjust everything from website layouts to targeted marketing tactics. There are also certain specific situations immediate implementation of CIAM solutions has the potential to drastically improve. They include:

  • New Customer Acquisition is Currently Low

  • High Traffic is Not Producing Appropriate Conversions

  • The Company Needs More Data on User Activities

  • Security of Customer or Company Data is an Immediate Concern

What Are the Benefits of Secure CIAM Solutions?

The benefits of CIAM solutions are divided into two categories. The first set of benefits is for customers. Customers can expect more smooth experiences with companies who use CIAM. Creation of new accounts and signing in using existing login information is simplified. Also, customer data is secured. Those features encourage customers to return and recommend companies to their personal social networks.

The second set of benefits is for companies. Customer satisfaction is essential for retention and development of new leads. When customers are delighted, bonds of trust are built with companies. The use of CIAM can also help companies by streamlining marketing processes and improving the chances of marketing campaign success. Company owners can also enjoy a certain level of stress relief when they know sensitive data is protected, as well as properly organized.

What Are the Best CIAM Software Solutions?

The best CIAM software solutions delight customers, streamline processes, and help companies keep data organized. Many software programs with those traits are available. They each also offer certain other distinctive features. As a business owner or manager, you must choose the features your business needs. Then you need to find a software program capable of meeting those specific needs. You may need to compare several programs before locating the one that works for your company. Here are some of the top CIAM software programs to help you start the comparison process:

  • LoginRadius is a cloud-based CIAM system. It incorporates data security, credential management, and password management. Its security system also includes MFA. Companies can use its behavioral analytics to easily adjust business and marketing models.

  • Frontegg is a complete user management platform. It includes an admin portal with audit logs. The Frontegg system provides users with MFA, social logins, and no-password identification options. The platform provides full scalability for various business sizes and types.

  • Ubisecure has been providing companies with data security and customer management options since 2002. Its CIAM package includes easy registration, user profiling, and personalization techniques. Ubisecure also offers on-premises and cloud data storage options.

  • Akamai Identity Cloud provides scalable infrastructure for companies. Companies can use its cloud-based service to provide customers with fast login experiences and extra levels of customization, such as consent management. Companies can increase conversions through easy Identity Cloud customer data collection.

  • Stytch uses multiple application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide complete, custom CIAM solutions for business owners and website developers. Its available tools include email passcodes and magic links, session management options, and passcode integration with popular apps, such as Whatsapp. 

How Much Do CIAM Solutions Typically Cost?

The costs for CIAM solutions are as varied as the software companies providing the CIAM services. Pricing is often based on available features, business sizes, and other factors. Some CIAM software programs are completely free. Others, such as Ubisecure, provide free trial versions. In many cases, companies also offer multiple membership levels for their services. Those membership levels typically range from free memberships to enterprise level memberships for large businesses. The latter typically require custom quotes. Certain companies, including Akamai and Ubisecure, only offer custom pricing available upon request due to the levels of individual customization they provide for each of their clients. Therefore, you must consider the needs and budget of your company before choosing a CIAM solution.