Best Auto Insurance For Seniors

Find out what car insurance discounts are available to seniors. Learn how to shop for senior auto insurance from several top insurance providers.

For many seniors, maintaining independence is an important part of their lives. A key part of maintaining independence is the ability to drive. In order to drive, you need to invest in auto insurance. Even if you are not worried about getting in an accident, auto insurance will protect your vehicle from unexpected damage, such as fierce weather. If you want to go driving with your family, auto insurance offers protection to your passengers. There are also practical reasons for getting insurance. If you are caught driving without at least liability coverage for your vehicle, you are breaking the law and may be faced with fees or even having your license suspended.

While car insurance can be expensive, there are many insurance providers that offer unique discounts to senior citizens. Many insurance providers even have specialized plans solely for senior citizens. The exact benefits and requirements will vary depending on the provider. Listed below is everything you need to know to pick the best senior auto insurance plan.

Unique Senior Benefits

Many insurance companies offer a flat discount to seniors who meet certain requirements. These can include having your license for a minimum number of years or completing a mature driving course. There are also usage-based insurance programs, which charge you a rate based on your previous driving habits. These programs are especially helpful for seniors who are on a budget and only use their vehicles for local trips. Other insurance providers will offer discounts based on membership in other groups, such as bonuses for seniors enrolled in AARP. 

You can also get additional senior discounts by changing your driver status. If you are listed as a retired driver, your rates are likely to decrease because this shows insurance providers you are less likely to use your vehicle, since you do not have a daily commute to work. While it is not specific to seniors, upgrading your car with additional safety features is a good way to get discounts. This includes rearview cameras, collision warning systems or parking assistance.

Choosing an Insurance Provider

As with any other insurance, the best way to find an affordable plan is to compare quotes. Make sure you factor in what discounts are available when looking at the base price. One insurance provider may initially seem more expensive, but if there are more discounts available you can significantly reduce the cost. Another important consideration is benefits. If you only drive a minimal amount, such as going to the store or doctor appointments, you do not need extensive coverage, allowing you to select a less expensive plan. If you plan to travel and frequently use your vehicle, it is worth spending extra to get additional coverage, such as personal injury protection.

When you find a plan you are interested in, speak with the provider and do not be afraid to ask questions. Many insurance providers will only provide insurance discounts upon request, and it is not always easy to find what discounts are available. Ask about both general discounts and specific options for seniors. 

It is also important to check for any potential increases based on your age. Some insurance providers will charge more for older drivers because they are considered higher risk to get into an accident. These price increases typically begin at 70 years of age.

State Farm

State Farm is considered a top auto insurance provider for both seniors and traditional drivers. State Farm stands out because it has some of the lowest premiums, even without taking into account senior discounts. On average, most seniors pay between $70 to $85 each month. 

There are many discounts available to seniors, such as taking defensive driving courses, driving a vehicle with advanced safety features and enrolling in the Drive Safe and Save program. Seniors who maintain a clean driving record are also likely to receive additional discounts. State Farm even rewards drivers who have an anti-theft device in their vehicle. If you receive additional insurance from State Farm, you can increase your discount by bundling your insurance plans.

State Farm is largely available in most parts of the United States, but as of writing you cannot get State Farm coverage in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. Additionally, State Farm does not have as many additional perks as other providers, but they still offer roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

US Auto Insurance Now

When it comes to custom insurance plans, it is hard to beat US Auto Insurance Now. The website streamlines the application process, allowing you to get a general idea of how much your insurance will cost, as well as what discounts are available. They are also one of the most generous insurance providers. As of writing, there is a special discount available for seniors, allowing you to get a $700 discount simply by requesting a free quote. Because they offer customized plans, you must speak with the provider directly to learn more about average costs and additional senior discounts.

AARP Auto Insurance

AARP auto insurance is an exclusive insurance program for drivers ages 50 and older. Despite the name, the actual insurance provider is The Hartford. In order to qualify, you must be an AARP member. As of writing, membership initially costs $12 for your first year, with an additional $16 fee the following years to maintain your membership. Having a membership provides an immediate 10 percent discount.

AARP auto insurance has a number of customized insurance plans, with options for advanced coverage. Some popular choices include gap insurance, lifetime car repair assurance, full class coverage and accident forgiveness. A number of safety discounts are available, even for smaller features such as antilock brakes and airbags. You can also receive a discount by driving a hybrid or electric vehicle and paying your premium annually. Before discounts, premiums typically cost between $100 and $115 monthly.

Geico Prime Time

Geico offers a special insurance program for any applicants 50 years of age or older. With a Prime Time contract, you receive guaranteed renewal on your insurance plan. This means your coverage is locked in at a set premium and will not change based on any conditions. This is a good way to avoid any increased prices relating to age. In addition to the age requirement, you must be accident free for at least three years, have no drivers in your household under the age of 25 and not use your vehicle for business. There are also some states where Prime Time is not an option.

In addition to Prime Time, Geico offers a number of discounts for safe driving. They also allow you to customize your insurance plan, adding options like mechanical breakdown coverage, rental reimbursement and emergency road services. Coverage normally costs seniors around $75 to $100, depending on the level of coverage.