Are Personal Safety Devices Worth It?

Should you purchase personal safety devices? Find out why personal safety devices are helpful and necessary to prevent attacks.

Personal safety has always been an issue in the United States. However, the events that have taken place since the COVID-19 outbreak have caused a spike in tensions and crimes throughout the country. According to the popular research site Statista, 921,505 aggravated assault cases were reported in 2020 alone. Many cases went unreported as well. Increases in assaults and related crimes have led to a surge in the sales of personal safety devices nationwide. Many personal safety devices are capable of stopping criminals in their tracks. If not, they can at least slow criminals down long enough for potential victims to get away.

Safety is something you may already take seriously. For example, you may routinely lock your car doors or have your home equipped with a state-of-the-art security system. You may even have taken a self-defense course or two. Yet, you may not always carry a personal safety device with you. Below are important reasons to do so, as well as common personal safety devices and their costs.

What is a Personal Safety Device?

A personal safety device is also sometimes called a self-defense weapon or a personal protection device. Typically, a personal safety device is non-lethal. However, it can temporarily incapacitate an attacker. Many people use personal safety devices in lieu of carrying firearms. Either they cannot legally obtain firearms or do not feel comfortable carrying firearms. Personal safety devices present good alternatives because they are less likely to go off accidentally or cause fatal wounds. Most personal safety devices are designed to do one or more of the following:

  • Physically Injure an Attacker in a Non-Lethal Way

  • Temporarily Blind an Attacker Using Bright Light or a Stinging Spray

  • Scare an Attacker Using a Loud Noise

  • Stun an Attacker Using a Non-Lethal Electrical Jolt

  • Allow a Potential Victim to Alert Others About an Attack Quickly

Personal safety devices are any types of self-defense equipment that are easy to carry and conceal.  They are often small enough to hide in pockets or purses until they are needed. Although, many modern personal safety devices are designed in such ways that they are hidden in plain sight. For example, some are built into bracelets or watches.

Why Are Personal Safety Devices Important?

Personal safety devices are no substitutes for knowledge. If you have personal safety concerns, a self-defense class is a good place to begin. You also need to always stay aware of your surroundings, particularly alone or at night. However, personal safety devices are excellent tools to help you augment that knowledge and awareness. There are also many reasons why carrying personal safety devices might be important to you. Some include:

  • You are in a high-risk group for being attacked based on your race, religion, sexual orientation etc.

  • The area you live in is considered unsafe.

  • You frequently walk or run alone.

  • Others in your area have recently been attacked.

Another reason you may wish to carry a personal safety device is to restore your own peace of mind and add an extra line of defense during a current ongoing situation. For instance, you might be in the middle of a difficult breakup with an ex partner. You might also feel like you are being watched or stalked, such as by a neighbor or co-worker. Additionally, you may feel better carrying personal safety devices if you have previously been attacked at any point in your life.

What Are Common Types of Personal Safety Devices?

One of the most common and reliable personal safety devices is mace. It was invented in the 1960s. Today, the original mace formula is still popular with some people. However, it is not as effective as many modern pepper sprays. All such devices are designed to temporarily irritate the eyes of attackers. However, pepper sprays often work better on attackers under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol. Other common types of personal safety devices include:

How Much Do Personal Safety Devices Cost?

Personal safety devices are quite affordable, as well as readily available. Although, prices do vary depending on the types of devices you want. For example, most TASER brand stun devices cost between $150 and $1,000 dollars per device. However, pepper sprays are available for as little as $10 from many retailers.

The level of technology incorporated also impacts the cost of many personal safety devices. Jewelry that incorporates alarms or has hidden alert buttons often costs $100 or more. However, you must also take the longevity of the devices into account. Pepper spray is cheap, but it frequently runs out and requires replacement. Jewelry lasts much longer.

Should You Use Personal Safety Apps?

Another type of personal safety device you may wish to use is a personal safety app. Modern technology has led to the creation of many such apps. Several of them are free to use. Each one has different features. Some make noise when you activate them to ward off attackers. Others automatically submit tracking information to loved ones when you feel threatened. There are also some that contact 9-1-1 dispatchers when activated. Personal safety apps can make you feel more secure, regardless of your location or situation.

How Do You Choose Between Personal Safety Devices?

There is no reason to choose between types of personal safety devices. You are not limited to selecting only one. In fact, having more than one can increase your feeling of security. However, if you do want to choose a single device select one that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget best. You may not mind a large item like a stun gun. On the other hand, you may desire a device that is tiny and easy to conceal.

The one choice you definitely do have to make is choosing between personal safety device brands. Some products, such as pepper spray, are fairly potent regardless of their manufacturers. Other personal safety devices are best obtained from industry leaders. For example, TASER is one of the leading stun gun device producers. Purchasing products from companies with excellent reputations makes it more likely the products will work efficiently, if you ever actually need to use them.