Personal Assistant Jobs

Do you want a job that offers good pay, learning opportunities, and growth potential? Select a job as a personal assistant to achieve your goals.

If you are looking for a new career, you have a lot of options. However, many of them require at least one college degree. One that does not is a personal assistant (PA) position. Most personal assistant jobs do not require much formal training. Although, some level of experience working with people or good social skills can help you get such a position.

There are many different personal assistant jobs available. Each requires similar skill sets, with some exceptions. However, they are not all equal. They vary slightly in required duties, work environments, and required working hours. Pay also varies based on the type of PA position acquired. On average, a PA working in the United States earns $39,680 annually. However, some PA jobs pay quite a bit more. Usually, pay is based upon experience level and specific job requirements. Here is how to prepare for and find a top paying personal assistant job.

Why Should You Become a Personal Assistant?

Personal assistant jobs are quite popular due to their many perks. One attractive quality is how easy it is to get such a job. Many personal assistant jobs are readily available, and educational requirements are minimal. Many applicants also apply for personal assistant jobs within companies to start working up corporate ladders. Personal assistants often form friendships or otherwise network with the clients of their employers. Those bonds can help with career progression, as time passes. Other possible perks of becoming a personal assistant vary, but they may include:

  • Travel

  • Cultural Exposure

  • Entrance Into Exclusive Restaurants or Other Venues

  • Job Security

  • Constant Variety in Daily Events and Duties (Lack of Boredom)

  • Increased Knowledge of Corporate Practices

  • Potential for Remote Work

What Are the Duties of a Personal Assistant?

No two personal assistant positions have the same exact duties or requirements. However, some skills and duties are common to most PA positions. For instance, PAs in office settings are often required to screen phone calls and emails for their employers. They may also book travel arrangements or meetings. Common personal assistant skills include:

  • Good Communication

  • Time Management

  • Secretarial/Data Entry

  • Social Media Management

  • Attention to Detail

  • Organization

  • Prioritization

  • Ability to Stay Calm Under Pressure/Deadlines

  • Multi-Tasking

  • Discretion Regarding Sensitive Corporate Information

What Are Some Common Types of Personal Assistants?

The term “personal assistant” is often applied to someone who performs secretarial duties in an office. In that context, a personal assistant works within a corporate environment. There are several levels of such assistants, as described below:

  • A gofer/gopher is an entry-level assistant. Often, he or she is an errand runner. In fact, the term is based on the phrase “go for.” A gofer typically procures coffee or snacks, makes copies or delivers paperwork to various employees, and performs other similar duties.

  • An administrative assistant performs secretarial tasks. He or she may type documents, answer telephones, or take care of basic bookkeeping tasks. Appointment scheduling is also typically a large part of an administrative assistant's job.

  • Executive assistants are top-level corporate personal assistants. They typically have specific industry knowledge. Often, they act as buffers between high-level executives and employees. They supervise projects. Executive assistants may also book travel plans for their employers or otherwise make it easier for their employers to focus on tasks at hand.

Other personal assistants have nothing to do with the corporate world. Instead, they provide actual personal assistance. Such assistants might collect dry cleaning or pick up their employers' children after school. They are also often tasked with doing household grocery shopping or other errands, such as taking pets to grooming appointments. Sometimes, such assistants even live in the homes of their clients.

Certain professions or circumstances also require types of personal assistants. For example, celebrities frequently hire personal assistants to provide extra security, answer fan mail, or run errands. Disabled individuals also frequently hire personal assistance to help them with physical tasks, such as driving vehicles or cooking meals. 

What Are Some Popular Job Websites Where You Can Find Personal Assistant Jobs?

If you want to become a personal assistant, you need to find a job that fits your skill set and pay preferences. You may also want a job with certain hours. Checking popular job search websites can help you locate the best position for you. Some of those top websites are described below:

  • Glassdoor has been connecting job seekers with employers since 2008. Glassdoor also provides average salary information for various industries, including personal assistants. Millions of jobs are compiled on the website and searchable by type, as well as geographic location.

  • Monster is a global company specializing in connecting job seekers with companies seeking new talent. It has been a top job search website since shortly after its founding in 1999.

  • Indeed was founded in 2004 and provides multiple useful services for job seekers. For example, it offers detailed information about various companies to help job seekers find the best possible positions. The website also compiles available jobs, including personal assistant positions, from many different newspapers and other sources, displaying them all in one convenient place.

  • CareerBuilder began connecting employers with job seekers in 1995. Since then, its features have expanded dramatically. Today, job seekers can upload resumés, read career advice articles, and receive job suggestions based on account information. 

  • ZipRecruiter is relatively new compared to other job search sites listed here. However, it has continued to produce innovative methods for matching job seekers with jobs since It started in 2011. Job seekers can search by job type or keyword and preferred salary.

What Are Some Top Paying Types of Personal Assistant Jobs?

You may wonder which personal assistant jobs are the best. The answer depends on your priorities. You may want a job that involves travel, for example. On the other hand, you may prefer to stay local. If salary is a top concern, you may wonder which PA jobs pay the best. In the corporate world, the answer is executive assistant positions, but you may need to work your way up the corporate ladder to get one. If you prefer a truly personal assistant position, consider applying to work as a live-in assistant for an individual or family. Often, such positions have long or on-call hours. However, they also offer extra perks like no need to rent or own your own home, which can help you save money.