Benefits of Advertising On Streaming Services

Do you want your advertising campaigns to reach audiences quickly? Use OTT advertising on streaming services to increase brand visibility.

As a business owner, it is important to constantly search for ways to expand your customer base. You also need to focus on increasing the general level of awareness the public has regarding your brand. To accomplish both goals, advertising is essential. However, there are many ways to advertise. You might have trouble determining which advertising method or combination of methods can provide the most conversions per dollar spent. It is important to compare different advertising techniques to make such a determination.

One potential advertising option you have is advertising on streaming services. These days, almost everyone uses video streaming services and apps, such as Netflix. In fact, many people use multiple streaming services on a daily basis. They are popular providers of live and on demand television shows, movies, and short video clips. Their built-in audiences are perfect targets for certain advertising campaigns. Here are some important points to know if you want to start effectively advertising on such streaming services.

How Popular Are Streaming Services?

Ever since streaming services were originally developed, they have quickly increased in popularity. They are typically cheaper and more convenient than cable or satellite television. Streaming services are available on many different devices. They also offer several perks, such as the ability to watch live or on demand television and access to original programs. Those are just some of many reasons why such services are so popular. If you are wondering exactly how popular they are, consider Netflix. As one of the top streaming services, it has approximately 209.18 million subscribers, as of 2022.

What is OTT Advertising?

If you wish to advertise on streaming services, you need to understand OTT advertising. The acronym “OTT” stands for “Over-the-Top.” It refers to services provided online over the top of other services. For example, users pay cellphone companies to use their services. However, those same users can pay for subscriptions to video streaming services, which they can watch on their cellphones. The cellphone providers have no control over the streaming services chosen or the payments made to those services. Similarly, users can stream on laptops over internet connections without making streaming purchases directly through their internet service providers (ISPs). Although, some ISPs do offer streaming service packages. OTT advertising refers to any advertising done independently on such streaming services. 

What Are Some Examples of OTT Devices?

There are many OTT devices available today. Each type of device is capable of streaming desired content, as well as advertisements. An OTT device is defined as one with internet access that is capable of video display. Examples of OTT devices include but are not limited to:

  • Smart TVs

  • Connected TVs

  • Gaming Consoles Connected to TVs

  • Blu-Ray Players That Connect to Wi-Fi

  • Computers

  • Tablets

  • Smartphones

What Are Some Potential Benefits of OTT Advertising?

The potential benefits of OTT advertising are numerous. The process uses modern technologies to make the best possible use of advertising strategies and campaigns. It also allows data collection and analysis. One of the biggest benefits is fully targeted advertising. OTT allows the targeting of groups by behaviors, geographic locations, types of devices used, and many other demographics. Traditional advertising, such as on cable television, cannot target to any groups other than predetermined wide geographic areas. Therefore, the ages, interests, and needs of viewers are not considered. Thus, traditional advertising campaigns are often far less successful than OTT campaigns. Here are some additional benefits of OTT advertising:

  • OTT ads are less avoidable than traditional ads, since ad blockers and other common methods of ad skipping such as fast forwarding are not applicable.

  • Performance information is often provided, allowing easy adjusting of advertising campaigns for the future.

  • Brand awareness is easily increased through cross-channel marketing.

  • Return on investment (ROI) is increased due to better audience targeting.

Which Streaming Services Allow OTT Advertising?

Netflix and most other streaming services allow OTT advertising. However, some do not. Identifying popular streaming services that provide OTT advertising opportunities is the first step in the process of determining how to spend your OTT advertising budget. You need to not only identify those services, but also determine which ones have the types and volumes of viewers you wish to target. Here are some top services that allow OTT advertising, as of 2022:

  • Disney+ is one of the most popular streaming services due to the immense popularity of past and present Disney films and television shows. The platform also provides access to other content, such as most Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies and the now Disney-owned Star Wars franchise.

  • Hulu's popularity lies in its broadcasting of television shows from popular networks like ABC and Fox. It usually broadcasts new episodes of such programming the day after those episodes air on cable and satellite television.

  • Prime Video is offered as part of subscription services, making it one of the most used streaming services today. It offers a wide range of original programming, as well as access to many current and classic popular TV series and movies.

  • HBO Max is the streaming home of past and present productions by WarnerMedia. It is also popular due to its frequent broadcasting of movies at the same times as their theater release dates.

  • YouTube TV is the premium version of the popular free streaming service, YouTube. The popularity of YouTube TV is due to its access to over 85 popular television channels. It also offers pay-per-view streaming options for certain movies and television shows.

How Do You Start Using OTT Advertising?

If you wish to start using OTT advertising, you need an OTT advertising platform. That is a platform that can assist you with the buying processes involved in creating advertising campaigns on Netflix and other popular streaming services. Criteo is one of the many platforms available. It provides OTT advertising options for all business sizes, as well as assistance for advertising agencies and publishers. When selecting an OTT advertising platform like Criteo, examine the features offered carefully. Also, consider your advertising budget and the streaming services on which you wish to advertise. For example, Criteo has a wide reach wit 685 million daily users across 96 countries. It also offers guides, webinars, and blog posts to help you better understand OTT and other forms of digital advertising.