Limo Rental Services In Your City

Is a special event coming up in your life? Find out why you should rent a limo or party bus for it.

Limousines have been popular modes of transportation for many years. They are primarily used to transport large groups of people to and from various fun events. However, some limousines have also been used to transport VIPs like U.S. presidents for security reasons. In fact, the U.S. Secret Service is known for its modified limousines for presidents and other important officials.

If you have never rented a limo yourself, your exposure to them is probably limited to what you see in movies or on the news. However, many limo and party bus services are quite affordable and available locally. If you are interested in doing a limo or party bus rental for the first time, you probably have several questions. For instance, you may wonder what determines limo costs. Another concern you may have is determining available limo sizes and the types of amenities available on limos or party buses. The answers to those and other questions surrounding limo or party bus rental are below.

What Are Some Reasons to Rent a Limo?

There are many reasons to rent a limo. One reason is to make an impression. Arriving at a party or event in a traditional limousine often causes a stir among spectators. Another reason limo rental is a good idea is to take stress off your shoulders. When you do not have to focus on driving, you can mingle with others who are riding to the event with you. You can also rent a limo if you do not have a driver's license yourself or if you are a driver but want less responsibility on a particular evening. When you are not driving you do not have to worry about issues like:

  • Not Knowing the Area Well

  • Having Difficulty Parking/Walking to a Parking Lot

  • Putting More Miles on Your Personal Vehicle

Although those are each good reasons to rent a limo, they are not the most important reason. The most important reason is to avoid a drunk driving incident. Drunk drivers are involved in approximately one third of U.S. car crashes resulting in fatal injuries. Most occasions involving limo rental are celebratory, which means passengers often partake in alcohol. Having a reliable designated limo driver prevents unnecessary alcohol-related injuries or fatalities.

What Events Should You Rent a Limo For?

The types of events for which you rent limos are entirely up to you. Reasons for limo rentals vary widely. For example, many people use limos for business travel purposes. Others use them to get to sporting events. More common reasons for limo rentals include transportation to or from:

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Birthday Parties

  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

  • Weddings

  • Proms, Dances, Class Reunions Etc.

  • Concerts

What Kinds of Limo Parties Can You Throw?

These days, limos are more than modes of transportation. You can actually start the party during your ride. In fact, themed limo or party bus rentals are quite common. Party buses in particular are often equipped with fun modifications making any themed party possible. For example, some party buses are equipped with bars, dance poles, dance floors, or mood lighting. Some also have tables or other features useful for specific themed parties. Examples of types of limo or party bus parties you can throw using such amenities include:

  • Holiday Parties

  • Girls/Guys Night Out Parties

  • Board Game, Card Game, or Trivia Travel Parties

  • Karaoke Parties

  • Murder Mystery Parties

  • Decade Themed Parties

What is the Average Cost to Rent a Limo or Party Bus?

You may wonder how much a limo or party bus costs. The answer is it depends on many circumstances, including your geographic location and the length of the trip. However, the national average party bus rental cost is $600. For limo rental the hourly cost is typically between $95 and $130, but it varies greatly between companies and regions.

What Other Factors Influence Limo Costs?

To figure out how much a limo or party bus rental is going to cost, you must understand the fees involved cover several aspects of the rental. For example, you must typically pay for mileage or fuel used. Often, those charges are calculated into initial fees, but some companies charge for them after the fact. You must also typically tip the driver. Some companies include a tip in the initial charge. Others do not. Make sure you ask before your limo or party bus event. 

An additional issue to consider is vehicle capacity. You must typically pay the same amount to rent a six-person limo for an evening as a single person or as a group of six. The same is true for an eight or 10-person limo. Therefore, it is usually better to travel by limo with friends who are willing to split the cost. Similarly, a party bus charge is often based on the size of the bus. Always make sure you rent one suitable for your group size to minimize wasted money.

When renting a party bus in particular, make sure you also know what portions of the entertainment are covered. Some party bus rental services include event decorations. Certain companies even offer live entertainment, such as DJ services. Others may provide a bar or DJ equipment, but company owners may expect you to supply your own bar tender or DJ. That could lead to additional fees you need to pay separately.

How Do You Select a Limo Service in Your City?

It is easy to find limo services in your city. In smaller areas you may only have a couple options. For larger cities, there are websites specifically designed to help you locate the exact limo or party bus company you need, such as LimoFind or A more difficult issue is choosing between available limo services after you find them. Look for a company that has been in business long enough to have a good reputation for safety and customer service. You also need to only choose between companies with proper legal insurance necessary to operate a limo or party bus service. Finally, use pricing as the deciding factor, but remember not all companies include all fees initially. Ask for specific lists of fees before doing your comparison. In the end, one company is likely to stand out above the others.