The Ease Of Keyless Entry

Have you heard of the latest security technology? Learn more about them in this helpful article.

Are you concerned about security? Consider state-of-the-art keyless entry systems for one of the most sophisticated ways to keep your home, car, or belongings safe. In this article, you will learn the different types of keyless entry systems, the advantages of keyless entry, the average costs of keyless entry systems, and the top-rated keyless entry system brands in the United States.

Types of Keyless Entry Systems 

A keyless entry system is a type of lock accessed through electronic means rather than a traditional key. There are many different types of keyless entry systems:

  • Keypad: The most common type of keyless entry system is a keypad directly on your home or vehicle door. They also make keypads that control deadbolts. 

  • Touchscreen: Touchscreens are like keypads, except they may be more resistant to dirt and grime, easier to clean, and offer more features than a regular keypad. 

  • Fingerprint Scanner: Fingerprint or biometric door locks can store many different fingerprints, as well as a unique access code.

  • Remote Keyless Entry: A remote keyless entry works with a key fob, card, or smart device. A sensor will be able to detect your keyless device within a certain range and unlock your home or vehicle.

  • Smart Device Enabled: A Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave enabled keyless lock is like a remote keyless entry, yet it is controlled over a network. It can unlock your home or vehicle once your smartphone or tablet is within a certain range, or you can control it from any distance depending on the features.

Advantages of Keyless Entry 

If you own a house, vehicle, or are storing valuable belongings in a shed or storage locker, a keyless entry system may be ideal for you. There are many advantages to choosing this type of lock over traditional locks:


One of the biggest advantages to a keyless entry system is convenience. Remembering your keys, losing your keys in your purse or bag, and fumbling with your keychain can be very frustrating. With a keyless entry system, you never need to worry about where your keys are. Furthermore, this easy yet secure way to gain access to your home or car may be an added benefit if you live in a neighborhood with a high crime rate. When you know you can access your property conveniently and quickly, you can feel more comfortable.

Advanced Security

Modern security products are more secure than the conventional lock and key systems of the past. Traditional keys can be lost, stolen, copied, and locks can be picked. Conversely, a password protected system, or a sensor system can be chosen to fit your needs and updated regularly. If you have a fingerprint system, only those who are logged into the system will have access. Furthermore, some keyless entry systems have extra features to upgrade your security easily. You can implement multi-security access features, restrict access to certain users, restricted access after a certain number of inaccurate key entries, quick lockouts options, and even use different types of locks with the security system.

Easy Installation 

Although keyless entry is sophisticated, it surprisingly does not take very long to install a system or transition older locks to these contemporary models. Furthermore, if you own a business or own an apartment building, this type of entry system may be beneficial. Rather than rekeying and making multiple sets of new keys on a regular basis, you can update the access and restrict entries. 


Keyless entry systems are sleek and refined, often resembling a small smartphone or tablet. They can be integrated easily into any aesthetic. In the same manner, outdoor and indoor systems can be created to match each other even though an outdoor system will be composed of durable and weather-resistant materials. 

Costs of Keyless Entry Systems

Prior to choosing a keyless entry system, you may be curious about the costs associated with the units and the installation. 

On average, a keyless entry unit costs between $50 and $400. The most popular types of units are keypads, averaging between $50 to $100. The more advanced systems such as smart devices or biometric units, will be more expensive, averaging between $100 and $400. However, in either case, the price can vary based on the features you choose. Naturally, these prices will increase depending on how many units you would like as well although some companies offer exclusive deals if you purchase multiple units.

Depending on the unit and model, you may like to install the system yourself or request a professional installation. Although a DIY installation is less expensive, you may enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a professional job. Additionally, a professional can assess whether you will need a new door and lock type prior to installing the device which can save a great amount of time and energy. Typically, since installation can be relatively fast, it will only tack on around a hundred dollars per unit.

On that note, it may be easier to find an installation service prior to receiving your unit as many service providers will provide products as part of their package. Likewise, some major security companies offering keyless entry systems will provide free installation upon purchase of their products. 

Best Keyless Entry Systems 

It can be difficult to research different companies providing keyless entry systems and find a reliable brand. Rather than searching the internet for hours, consider the following list of the top keyless entry systems in the United States:

  • Kisi: Kisi may be an excellent choice for businesses. Courtesy of customizable software, their smart locks can offer unlimited user access and even customer support. 

  • Home Controls: Home Controls provides perfect security solutions for homeowners. They have many lock options including deadbolts, lever sets, and door strikes. 

  • Viper: Viper is well-known for their keyless entry and remote keyless entry options for vehicles. You can even start and control your vehicle. 

  • August: August supplies many keyless entry options including keypads, smart devices, Wi-Fi, and biometric units. 

  • Weiser: Whether you need a keypad, touchscreen, smart phone, tablet, or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled smart lock, Weiser has it all.