When To Gift A Gift Basket

Think you would like to give someone a gift basket, but are not sure it is appropriate? Read on to discover when it is best to give one, the types you can give, and DIY tips. 

Generally, a gift basket consists of a large basket or similar container filled with small items for the recipient. Gift baskets are completely customizable for the recipient, allowing you to put in some of their favorite items.  There is no limit to what you can include in gift baskets other than the container, budget, and imagination.

A gift basket can be given for any occasion. You can send one for a holiday, a birthday, or to apologize. Giving a gift basket to somebody you appreciate can be a nice gesture, such as thanking a teacher or a mentor for their support. If you would like to give a gift basket to someone, but are not sure where to start, use this handy guide to create a wonderful gift basket sure to delight. 

Popular Types of Gift baskets

There are gift baskets for nearly every interest. Whether you are shopping for a foodie, wine lover, or others, plenty of options are available. A few of the most popular types include:

Fruit Gift Basket

Fruit baskets are among the most traditional gift baskets and can be used for nearly any event. In addition to fruit, you can also include other related items such as nuts and dried fruit. As a result of their aesthetic appeal and novelty, fruit bouquets are gaining in popularity.  These ready-made fruit baskets are placed in a container shaped like a flower, or depending on the types of fruit, are gathered into a shape like a bouquet of flowers. 

Chocolate and Muffin Basket

Chocolate, candies, and baked goods make a great gift basket. Most enjoy indulging occasionally, making this a popular option. Consider including fresh-baked cookies, pastries, muffins, and other items you know your recipient enjoys. Use decorative napkins to line the basket and stick small sprays of artificial flowers inside to elevate the presentation.  

Floral Basket

You can easily send floral gifts no matter where your loved ones live. Numerous services offer flower delivery nationwide and internationally, generally by contributing with local florists who create the arrangement and send it to the receiver. Flowers make a wonderful gift to express your thoughts to someone, whether for a celebration or condolence. It is completely appropriate to send flowers to someone with whom you have a relationship. 

Traditional Basket

Traditional gift baskets include either perishable and nonperishable foods, chocolate, jam, fruit, crackers, or nuts. Tea and wine might also be included. Also, flowers, body products, and plants can be added. Traditional gift baskets remain a safe bet because they tend to be universally appealing. It is an excellent way to convey sympathy or congratulations. 

What is the average cost to gift a gift basket?

Typically, gift basket costs are largely dependent on what you put in them, and what you choose as a container. On average, the price of a gift basket is between $45 and $50. To attract customers with different budgets, many companies offer both inexpensive and expensive baskets. Here are a few gift basket companies, if you do not feel like going the DIY route:

Appropriate Times to Send a Gift Basket

You can gift a basket on many occasions. Some of them are as follows:

Sympathy Gift Basket

Often if you cannot attend a funeral or memorial service, it is appropriate to express your sympathy to a friend or relative by sending a gift basket. A good idea is to send gourmet snacks, elegant wine, and fruit. 

Birthday Gift Basket

Rather than a cake, why not give them a basket of goodies? Birthday gift baskets are appropriate for someone with whom you have a relationship with and are often a way to get someone who is hard to buy for, something he or she will enjoy. 

What companies make gift baskets?

If you do not have the time to personally curate selections for a DIY basket, or fear your lack of skill will disappoint, then consider purchasing a ready-made basket. Here is a quick review of some of the best gift basket companies.  

Harry and David

A longtime leader in high-quality, tastefully designed fruit baskets and gift boxes, Harry & David  puts together elegant gift collections. Their presentation of fruit, especially the foil wrapped pears has long gained them a reputation for luxury gift baskets. Select them if you primarily want a fruit basket. Their pricing starts from $30. 

Edible Arrangements

This company provides a variety of fruit in the form of a bouquet designed to resemble a floral arrangement. They deliver nationwide in the U.S.  Edible Arrangements also offers a platter or box of individual snack cups that make an excellent gift for larger groups or parties and fresh-cut fruit bouquets. Their gift basket pricing also starts from $30. 

Wine Country

Wine Country is also popular for gift baskets. This Gourmet Choice Gift Basket from Wine Country Gift Baskets is the best value if you need a basket large enough for a group. The basket includes cookies, cheese, dips, crackers, and an assortment of nuts. Prices start around $30.

Putting Together Your Own Gift Basket

You can save money, though not time, by creating your own gift basket. The first step is to write out a plan on paper. What does the person to whom you are giving the basket like? Is there a certain brand of chocolate, lovely luxury bath products, or flowers he or she enjoys? Does the recipient have a passion for something, a hobby they enjoy, or something that makes them unique?

Once you have answered these questions, make a list of at least a dozen items that revolve around these questions. For example, maybe you are putting together a basket for a sports fan. You could include tickets to their favorite venue, a team jersey, and snacks appropriate for game day. Next, consider the basket or container you will use. Traditionally, a gift basket was given in a basket. However, many gift baskets are no longer confined to a basket, but also use all types of containers.