Equipment You Need On Your Farm

Should you purchase a certain type of farm equipment for your farm? Compare some top farm equipment options.

Operating a farm is a major undertaking. Many farmers across the United States work hard daily to raise animals and crops needed to sustain the rest of the country. Other farms operate on a smaller scale to support themselves and their families. It is hard work, but it also offers numerous benefits, such as constant access to fresh food and exposure to fresh air. For those and other reasons, you may consider purchasing your own farm.

As a farmer who is just starting out, one of the first things to do is determine what types of farm equipment you need. You also need to find farm equipment that fits your budget requirements. If you are like most new farmers, those budget requirements are most likely quite tight. That is why it is important to learn about different types of farm equipment to determine which equipment your farm really requires. Below is information to help you make important farm equipment selection choices.

What Are Common Types of Farm Equipment?

One of the most common types of farm equipment is the tractor. A tractor is required on almost every farm, regardless of acreage. However, the exact type of tractor you need does depend on how many acres you intend to farm. Tractor selection also depends on other factors, such as the type of transmission you are most comfortable with and the ways in which you intend to use the tractor. You may need a tractor capable of handling the attachment of certain other farm implements or operating with a certain amount of horsepower. Here are more top equipment types to consider:

  • Farm Wagon/Hay Wagon – This type of wagon is usually large and made of wood. It is often surrounded on several sides by wooden slats to hold hay bales in place for transport. However, you can use it to transport many other items on a farm as well.

  • Front-End Loader – A Front-End Loader is a piece of digging or scooping equipment. It can also help you in other ways, such as allowing you to pick up heavy materials. Typically, it attaches to a tractor. However, you must have the right type of tractor to support such an attachment.

  • Plow – A plow is essential, if you intend to grow crops on your farm. There are many types of plows available. They are each designed for different land conditions and uses. Some are meant for large-scale farming. Others are appropriate for small farm use.

  • Cultivators and Cultipackers  – Cultivators and cultipackers often go hand-in-hand. Cultivators mix up soil and weeds to help prepare areas for planting. Cultipackers are used to tamp the cultivated soil down before seeds are planted. Both are typically attached to the backs of tractors.

  • Seed Drills – Seed drills are used to plant seeds while moving as little soil as possible. Unlike cultivators and cultipackers, they are typically attached to the front of tractors. They are usually only necessary when planting crops in uniform rows, such as wheat.

What is the Best Farm Equipment to Have on Your Farm?

You may wonder what the best farm equipment to have on your farm is. There is no particular best equipment every farmer must purchase. Many types of farm equipment are not required on all farms. Your need for one or more of the above pieces of equipment or additional equipment not listed depends on factors like how you intend to work your farm, how large it is, and crops you intend to grow. 

To determine the best farm equipment for your farm, the solution is research. You can check online to see what equipment is needed to grow certain crops. Also, consider speaking to other farmers in your surrounding area. Often, communities have multiple farms. Farmers who grow crops on land of a similar size to yours in the same geographic area may have useful equipment suggestions for you.

What Are Some Top Farm Equipment Brands and Companies?

After farm equipment type selection, the next consideration is brand. Certain brands of farm equipment have better reputations or more experience than others. Some also offer wider selections of equipment or better pricing. It is important to compare such brands before you buy any equipment. Some top farm equipment brands and companies are briefly described below:

  • John Deere was founded by a man of the same name in 1837. Since then, the company has developed an international reputation for excellence. It is known for specializing in the production of tractors of all types. However, in the years since its founding, the company has expanded its product lines. Today, it also produces forestry, lawn and garden, construction, and other equipment.

  • Massey Ferguson is the largest U.S. producer of tractors. It was founded in 1953 and has since become a top tractor brand internationally, much like John Deere. Massey Ferguson also produces various farm implements, including scrapers, blades, and seeders.

  • Horsch is based in North Dakota. It is known for producing quality farm implements, including tillers, harrows, and cultivators. Horsch also offers other supportive equipment and gear for farmers, such as sprayers.

  • Autonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI), is a Utah-based company. Its focus is on production of modern farm equipment that includes state-of-the-art technology to make farming easier. Many ASI products are designed to streamline large-scale farming operations.

Another top U.S. farming company Koenig Equipment. Unlike the companies above, it specializes not in equipment production, but in sale of quality farming products produced by John Deere and other companies. Therefore, it is a good place to begin when trying to locate quality farm equipment. You can also use its website to compare types and prices of equipment from multiple companies at once.

How Much Does Farm Equipment Cost?

The final consideration when selecting farm equipment is cost. The amount you must spend depends on the equipment you need and how you obtain it. For example, the average cost of a new compact tractor in the United States is approximately $10,000. However, larger tractors designed for larger farms can cost as much as $150,000, or more in some cases. Similarly, farm implements like tillers are made in different sizes. The price you must pay depends on the size you want and the source.

Top companies like John Deere allow you to use their websites to get custom quotes for the exact types of farm equipment you need. However, you can expect to pay top dollar for such equipment and services. You can check sources like farm equipment auctions for better deals on used equipment, but you may not get the same longevity or quality you get by purchasing new machinery.