Collagen Supplements

As you get older your body slowly stops producing collagen, which is key in keeping your skin firm and elastic. Read here to find out how incorporating collagen into your daily routine improves your health.

As you get older your skin and hair slowly decrease its production of collagen. Collagen protein comprises 70% of your skin and is an important protein to promote elasticity and skin firmness. Collagen also makes up 90% of your connective tissues and bones and is important for joint health. A decrease in collagen in your body can look like increased wrinkles, cellulite, hair thinning, and joint pain. Learn how to incorporate collagen supplementation into your routine to support your skin’s health with these helpful tips. 

The Importance of Collagen to Your Health 

Supplementing collagen in your diet and in your skincare routine can reduce the negative effects of sun exposure, including preventing skin cancer. It also helps reduce stretch marks and acne scarring by speeding up tissue repair in your skin’s natural healing process. Supplementing collagen in your routine helps reduce cellulite by strengthening your skin’s integrity and promoting smoothness rather than sagging. Collagen intake and topical creams containing collagen keep your skin soft and help your skin retain moisture, increase your skin’s elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. 

There are 28 types of collagen, but most products contain the four most common types. The first type is present in all connective tissue. The second type is found in your joints and in between your vertebrae in the cushions that absorb shock in the spine. The third type is found in your skin’s dermal layer and blood vessels. The fourth is an important component in your eye lenses, your kidneys, and your inner ears. 

How to Incorporate Collagen into Your Routine 

If you are looking to keep your skin smooth and your hair thick and luxurious, incorporating collagen into your daily routine can help you in these endeavors. Collagen supports your dermis layer, which is the middle layer of your skin. The dermis contains the sebaceous glands that create moisture for your hair and skin. Ingesting collagen is the best way to get collagen into your bloodstream, which then carries it to your dermis promoting skin health and hair health. 

Collagen Powders, Pills and Gummies

There are many ways to ingest collagen in your everyday diet, as it is an odorless and tasteless substance. Collagen peptides are the smallest form of the collagen molecule that you can ingest through supplement pill or powder form. 

Vital Proteins offers a variety of collagen powders in basic flavorless, or flavorful options. Their powder contains collagen peptides, Vitamin C to promote collagen production, and hyaluronic acid to promote hydration. It dissolves in hot or cold liquids in either flavorless or fruity flavored options. Their basic collagen peptide powder is sold for $27 for a one-time purchase or $20 per 9.33 ounces if you subscribe to a monthly order. 

If taking a powder is too much to remember for a daily routine, NeoCell offers collagen supplement pills, with biotin and Vitamin C to promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. Their collagen recipe comes from grass-fed sources, and is made to provide antioxidant support to your body in just three pills a day. You can buy a bottle of 180 tablets for $18 or a bottle with 270 tablets for $24. 

Vital Proteins also offers a collagen gummy supplement if taking your collagen in powder or pill form is too tedious. The gummies are grape flavored and are flavored with natural fruit juice concentrates. You can buy a bottle of 120 gummies, with a recommended dose of 4 gummies per day, for $18 a bottle or $15 a bottle if you subscribe to monthly orders. 

Collagen for Women

Collagen For Her is an excellent option for women looking to promote collagen intake to help with skin, hair, nails, and joint health all at once. Their formula contains five types of collagen from both cows and fish to help for a holistic approach to collagen supplementation for overall health. Their formula targets joint pain, thinning hair, signs of aging in the skin, and digestive health all at once, and is sugar, gluten, dairy, and soy free. One bottle of 90 capsules for a one time purchase costs $30 but if you sign up for recurring monthly orders you can save $5 on each bottle. 

Topical Collagen

Topical collagen products can also be great to promote quick wellness to your skin or hair while also benefiting from the long-term benefits of collagen supplements. Though you can only absorb collagen fully from ingesting it, topical collagen creams can offer a quick overnight boost, while supplements provide longer-term skin and hair health benefits. 

Pond’s has a wrinkle fighting, moisturizing skin cream that can give your skin a fast boost. This cream contains alpha hydroxy acids which will help clear dead skin cells, and collagen to promote elasticity and skin firmness. A 7-ounce jar costs only $8 dollars so it is a great option to add to your nightly skincare routine if you want to boost your skin overnight. 

St. Ives offers a paraben-free formula moisturizer with elastin and collagen that helps moisturize and lift dehydrated skin cells and give the skin a healthier, youthful glow overnight. This formula is available in a 10 ounce bottle for only $6 dollars on Amazon. 

Topical serums also help promote skin health from the inside out. The Inkey List offers a collagen serum that contains multiple peptides to help plump and firm skin from the inside out and promote a youthful glow after use. This serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles, mimicking the action of collagen for a quicker fix while you wait for your supplements to begin digesting. The Inkey List serum costs $12 for 30 ml. 

The Ordinary offers a water-based serum for those looking to avoid oil-based products. This serum contains multiple peptides and hyaluronic acid and is free of harsh additives such as sulfates and parabens. This serum targets dehydration, loss of elasticity, and collagen production decrease all at once to target the signs of aging topically. This serum costs $17 for a 30 ml bottle.