Design Your Dream Closet

Looking to create more space in your closet and organize all your items? Premade closets or custom closets may be the answer to all your dreams. Find out more in this short guide.

If you have spent any amount of time perusing social media, home decor blogs, or Pinterest boards, you may have stumbled upon images of the perfect closet. Everything is flawlessly organized, there is no clutter to be seen, and it all fits together in an aesthetically pleasing way. Luckily, this kind of closet can be yours with only a little guidance and follow-through. In this article, you will learn the difference between custom closets and premade closets, the best premade closet retailers, and the best custom closet designers. 

Premade Closets vs Custom Closets

Most of the picture-perfect closets you see on social media and home decor television shows have been premade closets and custom closets. A premade closet is an as-is closet system or closet kit that includes everything you need to set up an organized space. On the other hand, a custom closet is a closet that has been designed and built to fit into your particular space and organize exactly what you will place in your closet. Often, homeowners may have trouble choosing between these two options as they sound similar. Fortunately, there are key differences so you can choose the one that fits your needs. 


If you have a standard-sized closet, a premade closet may be an ideal option. Furthermore, if you are storing traditional items such as hanging up clothes and storing small items in containers or packages, this is an excellent choice.

Conversely, a custom closet is better if you have a large walk-in space, a very small closet, need to store awkward items or plan to store a large number of different items. In this way, you can make sure everything has a place to go and that the area is still functional. 


When you have a budget, it is important to make sure you are receiving exceptional value for your money. 

The cost of a premade closet averages between $150 and $1000 depending on the size of your closet and where you purchase the pre-configured closet system. Typically, these types of closets are also self-installed.

On the other hand, a custom closet can range from $500 to $10,000 depending on the size of your closet and if you are creating a closet in an empty area of a room. If you have a reach-in closet, the price should be on the lower end of the range while a walk-in closet or built-in wardrobe can be more expensive. Furthermore, depending on your chosen designer, you may need to pay extra for installation if it is not already included in your quoted price. 


When you opt for a pre-configured closet organization kit, you receive a combination of the most used materials. Generally, most systems include rods for hanging clothing, shelving, and drawers. Alternatively, you can purchase items separately to customize your own space.

With a custom closet, the designer considers your specific needs when selecting items and building your dream closet. For instance, if you plan to hang up a great number for clothes, they will create a closet system with a proper number of rods. They can also make sure that they optimize the space by adding retractable or collapsible items. 

Moreover, designers can include extra features. For instance, they can implement state-of-the-art controls, or they can install proper lighting. If you have a certain aesthetic vision, they can select beautiful colors, designs, or accents to make that happen. 

Best Premade Closet Retailers 

When you are opting for a premade closet, it is important to know the company you choose has high-quality, durable materials. Additionally, it may be ideal to ensure the retailer has every extra item you need for a perfect closet space if their kits do not contain everything you require. 

The most popular retailers include:


IKEA offers cost-effective solutions for closets and wardrobes. They have many systems to choose from including the Aurdal system, Pax system, and Jonaxel system. The best part is they provide all the extra parts you could ever need, including knobs, hinges, doors, containers, and lighting. 


ClosetMaid offers many different systems made from aesthetically pleasing and fictional materials such as wood and wire. One of the best things about ClosetMaid is that you can find their products in almost every large retailer such as Home Depot, Walmart, or Lowe’s

Closet Evolution 

Closet Evolution provides closet systems for any size space, whether you have a small storage closet or a large walk-in space. 

Modular Closets 

Although Modular Closets is popular for their custom designs, they also offer an excellent selection of pre-designed systems. 


Rubbermaid is a well-known company specializing in organization products. They have many closet systems available including FastTrack, Configurations, and fixed-mount wire closet hardware. 

Best Custom Closet Designers 

Since custom closets are more expensive and extensive projects than premade closers, you want to hire the very best designers on the market. The top-rarest designers include:

California Closets

California Closets is a leading closet designer. They are famous for building dream closets and beautifully arranged closet organization. You can even receive a free consultation if you fill out a quick form with your details.  

Easy Track

You may see Easy Track closet systems in major retailers such as Walmart and Ace Hardware. However, they also carry out exceptional custom closet designs. 


EasyClosets is another great custom closet designer. They perform quick, efficient, and free consultations over the phone and provide stunning examples of their past work on their website.

Closet Factory

Closet Factory may be an ideal option, especially if you are experiencing organization issues all over the home. They not only provide custom designs for any type of closet, but they also have solutions for any space like pantries and libraries. 

Closets By Design 

Closets By Design is another leading custom closet designer. No matter what kind of closet you have, they have a solution. Additionally, they can provide organization and storage solutions for any area of your home. Moreover, if you are looking for discounts and financing options, be sure to contact their customer service department to learn more about their prices while receiving a free consult!