How To Choose An Advertising Agency

Have you got a business to promote? Find out why you should hire an advertising agency and how to select one.

If you own a business, you already know customers are essential. You cannot succeed without customers to purchase your products or services. Yet, getting customers in the door of your brick-and-mortar store or driving them to your website is a potentially difficult and time-consuming process. You can try to do it yourself, such as by printing your own business cards and handing them out to friends or family members. It is also possible to self-promote using your social media accounts. However, you might have a long, slow wait ahead of you to build your business up as much as you want. That is why you may need professional assistance.

Hiring an advertising agency is a good way to expand the reach of your business quickly. However, you cannot hire the first advertising agency you happen to find. Instead, you must understand what advertising agencies do, the specializations of each, and how to select one. Those answers and more information about advertising agencies are provided below.

What is an Advertising Agency?

At its core, an advertising agency is a company that helps to market products for clients ranging from individuals to large corporations. However, most advertising agencies are not as simple as that. Some have specializations. For example, there are certain advertising agencies that specialize solely in creating social media ad campaigns on websites like Twitter.

Advertising agencies also vary in terms of sizes and general capabilities. Some are large businesses themselves. They have multiple departments and assist many clients at once. Others are small offices manned by a handful of agents and their assistants. As a result, no two advertising agencies in the United States or the rest of the world operate in the same ways or offer the same experiences for their clients.

Why Should You Hire an Advertising Agency?

Among the many reasons to hire an advertising agency is to save time. If you have professionals working on your ad campaigns, you can focus on other aspects of business operations. Another possibility is you may not have enough advertising ideas. Collaborating with advertising agency specialists can help you come up with great campaign options. Most advertising agencies also perform many key functions you can take advantage, such as:

  • Developing Advertising Ideas Based on Consumer/Audience Research

  • Creating Captivating Advertisements for Specific Mediums (Television, Computers, Cellphones, Magazines Etc.)

  • Determining When to Start Advertising Campaigns

  • Providing Consultations Regarding Budgeting for Proper Advertising

  • Performing Various Public Relations Tasks for Clients

  • Providing Services Relating to Product Design or Packaging (Creating Labels, Trademarks, Etc.)

How Do You Judge an Advertising Agency?

Your search for an advertising agency begins with creating a short list of possible options. The first way to do that is to consider the general feel of each company. The company mission statement and general culture is essential. It must line up with your attitude and goals. It is also important to make sure the company you choose typically works with clients of your type. To do so, consider the size of your company, but also think of your specialization. For instance, if your business is technology-related, you may do best to hire an advertising agency familiar with creating ad campaigns for other similar clients.

The next way to narrow down which advertising agency to choose is to ask questions. When you do so, cover as many variables and scenarios as possible. Determine how the company handles issues like tight deadlines or missed deadlines. If a company cannot answer your questions quickly or gives you unacceptable answers, remove it from your short list.

What Are Some of the Top Advertising Agencies?

Another way to select an advertising agency is by experience or reputation. Check to see how long each agency on your list has been in business. Request references or examples of successful advertising campaigns completed whenever possible. If your budget permits, you can hire one of the top advertising agencies for small businesses in the country. If not, you can at least use their standards and practices as guides to locate the advertising agency for you. Here are some top companies specializing in digital advertising as examples:

  • Ignite Visibility is based in California. Its business model is strongly based on collaboration with clients and planning strategies. The company specializes in techniques such as email marketing and social media posting. It also frequently designs trivia contests and other marketing contest-based ad campaigns for clients.

  • WebFX has offices in Pennsylvania and Florida. It is a data-driven advertising agency. The company provides a wide range of services, including lead generation and Ecommerce setup assistance.

  • Digital Silk has offices in several U.S. states, including Florida. Its services include assistance engineering advertising campaigns from start to finish, including website or app development. It also partners with multiple large companies to facilitate widespread advertising campaigns.

  • Crafted is a New York City based digital marketing company. It provides advertising services, as well as all other services surrounding the development and digital sales of products. The focus of Crafted is to craft digital marketing campaigns based on specific brand features and research.

  • Crowd has offices in San Francisco, New York, and multiple international locations. Its clients range from small businesses to large corporations and government agencies. Crowd offers the strength of global collaboration between its many international team members. Its specialty is helping business owners market their brands in multiple countries.

How Much Do Advertising Agencies Typically Charge?

Ultimately, the best way to choose an advertising agency is to make sure it is right for you. That means you must consider your budget. Every advertisement agency charges different amounts for services. Cost depends on the type of advertising you want, such as social media or television advertising. It also depends on how large of an advertising campaign you desire. The average amount for a small business owner to spend on marketing is approximately seven percent of gross revenue, according to 2021 data. However, only you can judge how much you are comfortable spending. Once that amount is determined, you can find an advertising agency within your budget. If you have budget concerns even after selecting an advertising agency, start small and expand your advertising campaigns as more funds become available.